Hook and Needle Tapestry

Yesterday was my birthday and look what I got! Handmade by my very busy and multi-talented daughter! I absolutely love it! The most perfect gift for me! It fits the wall over the storage bins, etc. perfectly and the colors and crazy patterns are fantastic! Orange! Purple! And look at the little Doxies on that one fabric!

I had a great time this morning sorting everything out. I only put the circulars I use the most in the individual pockets- those big pockets on the sides hole all the rest. I am going to make some little labels on felt with fabric paint for each pocket. Right now I know what's in what but it won't take long for me to forget it!

Bonus, of course, is this now prompts me to finish all my projects so those hooks and needles can join the others AND there shall be more sorting through baskets and bins over the next week to find what's missing. And maybe just maybe come warm weather I will finally get around to painting in here. The blue is nice, but purple would be better. All in all, it was an awesome gift + the motivation to organize! That's a pretty big accomplishment!

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday great! Sorry if you missed the BOGO sale. The End of Year Sale is still going on, though, with equally as great savings- especially since it could win you some free patterns!

Now... back to work, everybody! 11 days till Christmas!


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