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I made this graph per request. I have not crocheted anything from it myself. Yet. Maybe someday I will get to it. I have a shameful number of WIPs at all times. There didn't seem to be any free ribbon graphs on Ravelry- and I didn't find any winged ones so don't think I am stepping on anyone's toes by offering this for free. Besides... it took me maybe an hour to photoshop a ribbon onto a butterfly and then turn that into a simple graph. It kind of seems like cheating to charge people money for a stand-alone graph. No offense.

This graph is based on a pretty common theme of a winged awareness ribbon... I believe it is meant to symbolize the transformation/new life experienced by a survivor of a serious illness or chronic disease. It can be made in any colors you wish to represent the cause that has impacted your life or the life of your intended gift recipient. HERE is a database of those that may help.

ETA: I am happy to make a new version for a cause that has a patterned ribbon. Drop me an email!

This graph would make a nice pillow-front in single crochet graph. It would end up a nice size throw in corner-to-corner graph. I have made a few graphghans in my life... though I don't know enough about it to help very much.. and I bet there are even more ways to utilize this graph that I have never tried. I have added some links to the methods I am personally familiar with that I found with a quick Youtube search. These may not be the best videos to go by, but there will be related videos to the right you can explore. I do believe also there are some Facebook and Ravelry groups dedicated to corner-to-corner graphing.

Crocheting Single Crochet Graph Video HERE
Crocheting Corner to Corner Graph Video HERE

So... after completing this graph I thought that maybe the butterfly should be the lighter hue and the ribbon the darker. I didn't bother re-coloring all of it. It's a pretty simple 4-color graph, so switching the colors in your head shouldn't be too hard. You will have to do that anyway if you want any color other than purple.

My friend Melissa of Laurel and Honey very kindly offered some idea of the yardage it would take to make this into a corner-to-corner graph. She had just completed a project, so that was so helpful!
"My scale is about 1" per square. I used Caron 1# {Caron one pound} and a 6 mm hook. 36 x 36 took a full skein about 800 yards, if I recall correctly."
So... 55 x 55 squares would be 65% bigger than 36x36. I would estimate about 1350yards of yarn to complete before adding a border. That would be at least half in white/background color. Someone can correct me when they actually make one.

Downloading choices:
1. You can save this image directly to your phone or computer, though the numbers aren't going to be very clear if you enlarge it. For me that doesn't really matter since once you start getting color into it  you're looking more at the previous row than the row numbers.

2. You can go straight to the file on StitchFiddle where you can zoom in on it. HERE  This graph is upside down- and I did that because of the way SF numbers rows, but I doubt that really matters when it comes to working a graph.

3. And HERE is a PDF you can download, but I don't care for how it broke the graph up in order to fit it onto the page. You would need to print it, trim it, and tape it together. I won't lie that I am very much against printing patterns and have never printed a pattern in my life. It is a waste of trees and usually completely unnecessary in this age or portable screens. In this case, however, it might be the best way for it not to irritate the heck out of you.

Note: I have left the extra white-space at the top for embroidering or surface slipstitching on some antenna. You may want to save the image at the top to help you with that placement/shape.

I made this one also by request for EDS.
I only striped the ribbon because pretty sure someone would have to be crazy to want to change colors any more than that.
You can find it HERE on stitch fiddle... save or print from there.

Please do not sell this pattern or claim it as your own.  I was very mindful to use royalty-free images to compile it as I did not want to steal someone else's image, so you having similar consideration would make me very happy. You are welcome to do with the finished project what you like... BUT if you intend to sell that project I would like to think you were doing so to help a cause or a person. I would certainly love to see your finished projects! Upload them to Ravelry and link them and I will always see them. Ravelry has lots of info to walk you through how to do practically everything on there so there's no reason not to use Ravelry more!!!


  1. Thank you so very much for working out the Zebras stripes for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome you're wonderful and I'm so grateful.

  2. Thank you for sharing this pattern, Jenna! It's beautiful!


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