Oven-Fried Green Tomatoes

Man on man I love Fried Green Tomatoes! In my opinion, Summer exists solely for the abundance of warmth, watermelon, lightning bugs, and green tomatoes. Tart and fresh and oh so yummy, I have loved these little things my entire life.

What I do not love is fried food. Or rather it does not like me. I would suffer through once or twice just to have the green tomato experience, but if there was a good way to make these without drowning them in oil, then I could eat as many as I wanted! Yay! So this year I decided to find a good way to avoid the frying and still end up with a delicious tomato.

As always, the simple approach is the best approach. My favorite way to bread green tomatoes to fry was to use a pre-seasoned corn flour mix. I definitely avoid anything containing wheat flour for a baked coating. The raw flour flavor just doesn't go away for my taste buds. Simple and easy.

I had picked up some green tomatoes on Tuesday, shared them with my daughter, and eaten the rest of them the next day. So come Saturday, after a day at the lake, I stopped by a store to get an iced tea (caffeine required for the drive home!) and there was a little farm stand next door. The lady sold me a dozen tomatoes for $3. I didn't think I could eat a dozen before they began to ripen, but they were pretty small (just a tad bigger than the clementines I had bought that morning), so I was going to give it a go!

Ingredients Part 1:
Green Tomatoes
Lemon Juice

 Add about 1/3 cup of lemon juice to 4 cups of water, stir in 2 tsp salt
Slice your tomatoes as thick or thin as you like and allow to soak, refrigerated, in this solution for at least 30 minutes up to a couple of hours. Adjust these amounts for how many tomatoes you will be cooking. I had 8 left, so... 

Ingredients Part 2:
2 parts Plain Bread Crumbs
2 parts Seasoned Corn Flour (Fish Fry)
1 part Nutritional Yeast
Desired additional spices*

*I added a little dried parsley and black pepper. The Fish Fry is very flavored, so you don't need a lot. The tomatoes, if you recall, are already salted. If you choose to use plain corn flour instead, you will definitely want to spice it up a bit. 

2 1/2 cups of coating was more than enough.

Be sure to add a little at a time to a plate to do the actual coating. 
You don't want to get this wet so you can store it for next time.

Coat both sides of your wet tomato slices in crumbs.

Lay out on your parchment or silpat-lined pan.
Bake at 400F for 15 minutes on the first side.
Turn and Bake another 10-15 minutes.



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