Peanut Butter Banana Popsicles (vegan cooking with kids)

Clementine is out of school for the Summer and we have many projects planned! This first week I went with something very easy- a popsicle! Lots of protein and carbs for a hard-playing summer day! AND it's so easy a 5-year-old can do it - even with their little brother quite suspicious about what they are doing with his bananas. So, get your popsicle molds and mixing bowl ready for creamy, frozen yumminess!!!

Mash together:

1 sliced banana
2 Tbsp peanut butter

Mash Mash Mash

Ready your Popsicle molds. These large molds hold 1/2 cup of liquid each. 

So I added in enough soy milk to get us about 2 cups of filler. We had a little more than needed, really, but that is better than not enough. You can adjust this as needed to fit your mold volume. 

I have made these a few times and I will say that soy milk seems to freeze the best without turning icy, but you can use any plant milk you have on hand. Clementine really wanted me to make them with Chocolate Almond milk, but I convinced her that was really a bit much. Still... I am sure it will happen eventually!

If you let the 5-year-old fill the molds you will be glad you had a little extra. 

It's all good, though. Just needed a wipe. And Olliedog got to lick the bowl, so everybody was happy! 

The hard part about popsicles is waiting the 4 hours or so for them to freeze. 
"They should be ready by Two O'Clock."
"Has it been two minutes yet?"
"Not two minutes... Two O'clock. When the clock says two."
"Clocks don't talk, Mim."

A note on sweetener:
If your banana isn't ideally ripe and sweet and also your peanut butter and milk are unsweetened, you may want to add a little bit of agave syrup to the mix. You can always taste it to see before loading the popsicle molds. These are pretty healthy as far as a treat goes, but obviously not a staple!


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