Monday, April 29, 2019

Possible Pattern Book?

Despite the fact I said I would not do any more patterns, I have been tossing around the idea of  writing a book of caterpillar patterns. I initially thought I would do a collection of 'fair isle' caterpillars (caterpillars with lots of colorwork) but then thought there were others worthy of being included. Granted, this would be a project a long time in the making, but I am going to stick all off my new caterpillar designs here and let people weigh in on their favorites!

BTW, if you want to order any of these custom made, click on the 'Custom Bugs' tab at the top or click on the Etsy link in the sidebar.

Hickory Horned Devil

Black Swallowtail

Eastern Tent

Gypsy Moth

Monarch (New and Improved)

Forest Tent

Beautiful Wood Nymph

Comment below which are your favorite, what other caterpillars you would like to see included, and how interested in a book of caterpillar crochet patterns you would be. Even if you don't crochet, I'd love to know what you think! I mean... I buy sock-knitting books and have never knit socks and probably never will. I watch carpentry videos on YouTube and couldn't find a hammer if I needed it.  So yeah. Tell me what you think even if you have no interest whatsoever in turning yarn into other things!


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