Saturday, October 26, 2019

Changes for 2020

It's been a really great two years with my work getting lots of attention and meeting a lot of fellow bug-lovers, but I have made the decision to not take any custom orders in 2020. I have several reason for this, including missing writing patterns and having many projects I have not been able to finish (such as the patchwork puppy project) but the main reason that I am making changes is because, honestly, I have made myself rather ill  trying to keep up with all of the orders.  I am able to work fewer hours a day now and am falling further behind at a time of year when I should be getting even more than usual accomplished. I am so grateful for the work, but it has built up to a pace that I just can't keep up with. I need to gear down and feel like an artist again. 

I will continue to take orders through Dec 30, and they will be filled in the order they are received as always (which will take us a bit into 2020 at this point), but after that I will spend my time writing out patterns to some of these caterpillars I really don't want to make anymore (seriously- 20+ of the same thing is enough for me), so you can make them yourself or find somebody else to make it for you.  Mostly, though, I want to work on some one-of-kind insect sculptures and some more exotic caterpillars. I have a long list of things I want to make and it will be wonderful to see what I can achieve when there are no time constraints and no stress over disappointing customers because of a long wait.

I hope that you will still be interested in my work over the coming months. Your encouragement keeps me going. Will I go back to taking custom orders someday? Very possibly, though it will have to be limited. Will my new designs be for sale? Yes. I hope to pop a handful of things into my shop once a month. Please follow my Instagram for any future work and if you have a design of mine you'd really like to see as a pattern, be sure to comment below! 

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