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What happened to the FREE patterns?
The 2 pattern indexes have been combined into one and arranged Chronologically. Free Patterns are marked with a big red FREE.

How do I download that pattern I just bought?
(#1 most common question)

Ravelry:1. Next time, don't close your browser. After you pay for a pattern, Paypal will send you directly to the page with the link to download.
2. Check your email. Immediately after purchasing*, you received an Email with the link to the download page.
3. Go to your library. It will be listed there with a download link.
If none of these things worked, wait and try again in a few hours (Ravelry may be having problems, which happens now and then). If still no pattern, then you will need to contact Ravelry and tell them which steps you have already tried. It is beyond my control past this point.
Etsy:1. Next time, don't close your browser. After you pay for a pattern, you will be sent directly to the page with the link to download.
2. Check your email. Immediately after purchasing*, you received an Email with the link to the download page.
3. Go to 'YOU > Purchases and Reviews' at the top of any Etsy page. All of your past purchases will be there including download links for digital items. Note that download links are active for 2 years after purchase.
If none of these things worked, wait and try again in a few hours (Etsy may be having problems, which happens now and then). If still no pattern, refer to THIS PAGE on Etsy that will give more things to try and explain possible browser problems, etc. that may be hindering the download. It is beyond my control past this point.
- Please note that if you paid for a pattern with an Echeck, it takes a few days to clear. You will receive the download email AFTER your payment is cleared.
- If you paid for a pattern with Paypal and your Paypal balance was not enough to cover it, it should pull the funds from the bank account/credit card it is linked to. It cannot do that if that if you are linked to an expired or otherwise nonworking card or account. You will need to manually add funds to your Paypal and wait for that to clear before the sale will go through.

What sort of materials are required to make your Blankie Buddies?
- Yarn and stuffing and crochet hooks in 2-3 sizes.
- Stitch markers, tapestry needle, and straight pins are also recommended.
- No extra parts, such as plastic eyes, are ever required. Occasionally there are optional stabilizers or shapers made from re-purposed household items.
- It is important to me that my designs be suitable for all ages and completed without the need to shop for additional parts.
-NEW! There is now a suggested yarn tab at the top (still in progress) to show some of the yarns that I or my testers use.

What size safety eyes can I use instead of the crochet ones?
I have no idea. I have seen a few projects with those, so maybe you could ask those crocheters. Personally, the large ones look very bulgy and strange and I suspect they would not be very comfortable for cuddling, unlike the 100% safe and soft crochet ones. Also, in some of the blankie designs, the eyes are part of the face markings, so substituting would be losing a lot of detail.

How difficult are these patterns?
- Any crocheter with basic crochet knowledge and pattern-reading skills can complete a Blankie.
- You will have to be willing to read through the pattern and follow the pictures. Most of the questions I get or bad feedback are from crocheters that didn't want to read any of the notes or refer to the tips and pictures. I do spend a lot of time adding all that in for a reason.
- Simple sewing and/or embroidery is required, but trust me when I say if *I* can do it, you can do it!
- Color-changes are handled in such a way that even someone new to colorwork will find them simple and fun to do.
- Anything beyond basic stitches is either fully explained in the pattern, often with pictures, or else video links are provided.
- The unique construction of my blankies means most ends can be hidden inside.
- Not all blankies require colorwork. Be sure to check descriptions for skills involved.

What do the stars mean?
1/5 Stars - Super duper easy, most basic crochet skills required
2/5 Stars - Simple stitches with some assembly and non-crochet written instructions to follow
3/5 Stars - All of the above + In-line color changes and/or careful shaping
4/5 Stars - All of the above with more assembly steps and/or more involved finishing details
5/5 Stars - Long written assembly instructions plus additional factors such as shaping, surface stitches, charts, embroidery, or small precise details. Time-consuming projects.

How easy are your patterns to follow?
- Patterns are written and arranged for ease of following and reading.
- Proper line spacing and appropriate natural eye movement is taken into consideration.
- Repeats are handled in the most practical way, page-turning and/or confusing lists of 'repeat this and that' are avoided.
- I abbreviate very little in a pattern. This is not a magazine, so we are not cramped for space. Most crocheters find this relieving.

What if I need help?
- Detailed pattern notes and hints and tips, as well as many photos, along the way will help you to achieve a finished product you can be proud of.
- I am always available via email for anyone that needs help.
- I cannot answer help questions as comments on any pattern listing whether on this site or in one of the stores. There is no guarantee that you will see my answer, so it is usually a waste of both of our time to ask that way. Please email if you need assistance.

Why are these feet so hard?
Well, they aren't, really, but the older feet are a little more fiddly than the newer ones. If you are having a really hard time with the 2-piece feet, email me and I will be happy to send you a copy of the newer feet IF it will substitute well. Eventually all of the older patterns will be updated to include the newer 1-piece feet, but that takes a really long time!

What kind of discount will you give me if I buy all of your patterns at once?
I have been asked this question so many times and every time my answer gets no response- no sales are made, no 'thanks I will think about it' or even a 'that's a lot more than I want to pay'. There is just no reply. It is very flattering at first to think that someone would want everything you ever designed without delay, but it is also a little suspicious. Sorry if you are not being tricky, but that's just my experience with this particular scenario. At any rate, I will not make any better deal with you than you could get with the already established sales and bundle pricing (explained next) and I have stuck this into the FAQ to refer people to in the future. Thanks for understanding.

Can I have this pattern for free? It's for a good cause.
Unfortunately, since some people may make this claim when it is not true, and I can't very well ask for proof of a sick kid, etc., my general answer is no to that question. However, if I am aware that you are making purchases for a fund-raiser or other cause, I usually do donate additional patterns to your library.

What discounts are available?
1. RAVELRY - All of my pattern sales are going to be for Ravelry purchases only. See #3.
2. ETSY - There is a Pattern Bundle section that will save you several dollars by buying groups of patterns at once. Instant downloads, no line no waiting.
3. FACEBOOK - Freeby Fridays - try your luck at getting your choice of pattern free OR getting a free copy of a new pattern. I also do a once-monthly HUGE discount on one Friday of the month.

Ravelry and Etsy links are on the FIND ME tab!

How are Freeby Friday winners chosen?
1. I make a copy of all entries that have made the deadline.
2. This list is edited, whittled down, to a simple list of names, patterns, and Rav ID*.
3. Using, I shuffle this list into a numbered list.
4. A number is randomly chosen and this is the first winner.
5. Additonal winners are based on the number of entries. Each additional entry requires a new shuffle and number choice.
6. Winners are immediately gifted their pattern via Ravelry and then a new FB post is made within 12-24 hours after giveaway ends, announcing the winner(s). If it's going to be longer than that (rare cases that I may be away), then I will say so at the beginning of the giveaway.

Additional Perimeters: 
- Any entry that does not contain at least one pattern choice and a Ravelry ID is excluded. There have been times in the past that people have waited months to claim a prize and it has completely gone out of my head by then and is a hassle to confirm, so if that information is not included up front, your entry is not valid.
- *Entries that contain an email address in place of a Ravelry ID are accepted, though legally I cannot solicit your email address on a FaceBook page and if FB sees you have openly given your email address, they will request me to delete the entire post. Publicly posting your email is discouraged in general, as this can lead to identity theft.
- For entries that name more than one pattern choice, the first pattern mentioned is considered your choice.
- For ambiguous entries (such as 'Bulldog' where there are several bulldog patterns) your entry will be considered the most popular (most commonly requested) of those patterns.
- Regardless of number of entries, there will be at least 1 winner.
- There will be an additional winner for 51 - 100 entries, 101 - 150 entries, 151 - 200 entries, etc.

Do I need a Paypal account to purchase?
No, but I do recommend it.You can purchase through Etsy using pretty much any method. I personally will not make online purchases if I can't use Paypal- I don't like the idea of my CC info floating around in cyberspace, but the option is there if you need it. Also, I run sales and coupons through Ravelry only, which does require Paypal. Please note that you are able to purchase on both Ravelry and Etsy with an E-check, but your pattern will not be available for download until payment clears and that can take as much as a week.

Do I need a Ravelry/Etsy account to purchase?
Ravelry, no. You may purchase as a guest. Etsy will require a log-in. Both of these are free to join and take just a few minutes. I can't stress enough how much I recommend that you do open a Ravelry account and always be signed in when you make purchases. If you ever misplace your copy of the pattern, you will be able to download it again. Purchasing with only an email account only will not give you this back-up.

Where does the chin piece go?
I get asked this a lot. Chins go where chins usually go. Reading patterns through before beginning is always good advice. If you don't care to do this, the best advice I can give you is to just carry on with the pattern. It will make sense to you eventually. 

Can I get a refund?
Ravelry, no. This is a pattern site, so you know you are buying a pattern and it's just not logical to change your mind on something you can't actually return.
Etsy, however, I can see if you have downloaded the pattern yet or not and if it has been under 24hrs and no files have been downloaded, I will issue a refund IN THE CASE THAT 1. you have mistaken an entire afghan for $3 and no shipping or 2. gone a little overboard with the button-clicking and ended up buying 3 or 4 of the same thing in a row. When I see the latter, I will let you know right away and that I can fix it, as you may not even see it until you get your bank statement if you are not someone that keeps a regular check on your email like me. If weeks later you are asking why I have not shipped your $3 afghan to you yet I will ask you to read what it was you bought a little more closely. I really can't make it any more clear that these are digital files and not physical items. Some of that responsibility has to be up to the customer. There may be other scenarios, but these are the 2 that I encounter the most. At any rate, the 24hr limit is fixed. Thanks for understanding.

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