Pattern Index

I try to remember to add new patterns to this list right away, but be sure to check RAVELRY for any new patterns and even some old patterns that I've forgotten about! FREE PATTERNS and KNITTING patterns are labelled as such.

Afghans/Throws/Baby Blankets/ Afghan Squares/ Throw Pillows
Tudor Rose Blanket
Fox Terrier Afghan FREE
Chihuahua Cushion
Owl of Hexes FREE
Alabama Throw
Gingham Dreams FREE
Hanky Panky

Blankie Buddies
Labradoodle (Goldendoodle)
Busbee the Badger
French Bulldog
Mama Opossum and Babies
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Irish Terrier
Saint Bernard
Jumper the Polar Bear
Galoshes the Snow Leopard
Ratchet the Robot
Retriever Puppies 2
Retriever Puppies 1
Leopold and Lenore Lion(ess)
Shar Pei
Pit Bull
Seth the Sloth
Maximus the Tiger
Ellie May the Elephant
Boston Terrier
Daisy the Skunk
Willa the Bunny
Oscar the Hare
Rosie the Pig
Bamboo the Panda
Bucky the Beaver
Philippe the Sheep
Toy Poodle
Papa Bulldog
Basset Hound
Red Panda
Ranger the Raccoon
Bulldog Puppy
Cattle Dog
My Siamese Kitty
My Tabby Kitty
My Tuxedo Kitty
My Calico Kitty
My Longhair Kitty
My Kitty: The Collection
Radley the Fox
German Shepherd
Shih Tzu NEW!

Buggables and Stuffies
No No Yes Yes Baby
Monarch Caterpillar
Boh and Crow
Tobacco Hornworm
Lightning Bug
 Daniel Tiger

The Sullivan Hat KNIT
Border Collie Backpack
Go Fishing
Summer Mini Bag FREE
Curious George Hat
Toddler Toy Bag FREE
Doodles FREE
Rattie Beanie
Motley Mitts KNIT
Dancing Flowers
Tui the Alpaca Hat
Shell Bag FREE
Petal Purse FREE
Scrap-Buster Hat FREE
Tiger Lily Bag FREE

Pet Sweaters and Toys
Angel Wings FREE
Reject: A Cat Toy FREE
5-Minute Fish FREE
Olaf Kitty Hat
Basic Dog Sweater FREE
Multi-Color Dog Sweater FREE
Dog Hoodie FREE
Polo Sweater FREE
Houndstooth Cardi
Picante Pullover
Jellyfish Cat Toy FREE
Breaded Cat FREE
Christmas Stocking Cap FREE
Owl Cat Toy FREE
5-Minute Mouse FREE
Sheep Dog Toy FREE
Fuzzy Dog Toy FREE
Airplane Dog Toy FREE
Doe Rat Dog Toy FREE
Buck Rat Dog Toy FREE

Holiday and Miscellaneous
Snowflake Hexagon FREE
Iron Bowl Jersey FREE*
Stitcher's Desk Caddy
Winter Birds
*Free with purchase