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2018 Reading List 
My goal this year is to watch less TV and listen to more audiobooks. I have always been a fan of classics, so this year I plan to 'read' books I have not read by authors I already love OR to re-read books that I read too long ago to remember very well. I have included the links to these free audiobooks on Librovox.

Mark Twain
Published: 1885

Began Listening: 1/6/18
Finished Listening: 1/12/18

Love this reader, love the tale, way more N-word than I was comfortable with.
I know I read this book as a kid, so it must have been an abridged version.
Still, Twain has a turn of phrase only second to Dickens. It's worth the cringing.

Anne Bronte
Published: 1850

Began Listening: 1/12/18
Finished Listening: 1/14/18

Agnes Gray is a whiny little bitch. Anne Bronte was pious and judgmental and had quite a poor opinion of wealthy people and their bratty little kids. And this book was a collaboration of readers, the last 3/5 of the book not nearly as well-read as the first 2/5. Yet despite all of that it was quite captivating and touching in parts. Just don't read this if you ever plan to be a governess.

3. The Benefactress
 Elizabeth von Arnim

Began Listening: 1/14/18
Finished Listening: 1/17/18

I am completely hooked on this author now. Her writing is delightful. It has a type of humor similar to Oscar Wilde and a begrudging regard toward propriety and society much like Jane Austen. This particular book was captivating beginning to end, though the end was a bit overly-flowery to the point of sickening and then suddenly back to the matter-of-fact tone from throughout. I wasn't crazy about the ending but it certainly did not ruin this fabulous tale. Excellent reader, too!

4. A Country Doctor
Sarah Orne Jewet

Began Listening: 1/18/18
Finished Listening:


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