Vegan Recipes

Vegan: September 2017 to present
Vegetarian sometimes Pescatarian: June 2012 to September 2017
Omnivore: ???* to June 2012
*Hard to say. As a kid, pretty sure I never ate anything voluntarily except PB&J and Okra.

Vegan Recipes
Original or Inspired-by other recipes (and then made simpler and cheaper)

Cheesy Buffalo Bean Dip

Coming Soon:

Easy Vegan Lasagna

Older Recipes
That are accidentally vegan!
Black Bean Burgers

Older Recipes NOT Vegan (Yet, at least)
In the meantime, a couple could be vegan with some simple changes:

- Crockpot Refried Beans
Just needs new pictures without all that cheese!

- Cabbage Rolls
Needs a vegan egg substitute and Beyond Beef crumbles in place of the non-vegan Morningstar

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