Working List

Working List 
2019 Custom Orders
COMPLETED - Currently on My Hook - In the Queue
Last updated: 10/05/19

Sept 1, schedule was reconfigured to reflect accelerated end-of-year goals and time gained.
Vacation begins Dec 9 and ends Jan 2.

ItemCustomerOrder DateTarget StartTarget EndActual StartActual EndMail Date
Tomato HWSara.
.Jan 21Jan 24Feb 7
MonarchFaye...Jan 24Jan 29Feb 7
MonarchCatherine...Jan 31Feb 5Feb 26
Eastern TentMolly...Feb 7Feb 12Feb 26
SpicebushMolly...Feb 14Feb 19March 5
MonarchDiana...Feb 21Feb 26March 11
ChessieMonica...Feb 28March 5March 17
Yellow LabBradley...March 7March 9March 28
FlattieBradley...March 10March 12March 28
MonarchBetsy...March 14March 19March 28
Forest TentTCL.
March 21.April 5
SpicebushTCL.....April 5
Black SwallowtailTCL.....April 5
Eastern TentTCL.....April 22
Gypsy MothTCL.....April 22
Praying MantisTCL.....April 22
Spiny OakTCL.....May 7
Wood NymphTCL.....May 7
Abbott's SphinxTCL.....June 7
CecropiaTCL....June 4June 7
Eudocima fulloniaDevon
June 6June 11June 4June 14June 22
Hickory Horned DevilHenrietta.June 13June 18June 14June 20June 22
Hickory Horned DevilGwenMarch 6June 20June 25July 2July 8June 10
Hickory Horned DevilPamelaMarch 9July 4July 9June 21June 24July 1
Lightning BugJanaMarch 16June 30July 2June 29June 30July 1
LH ChihuahuaLindaApril 6June 27June 29June 26June 27July 1
Bombix Mori SilkwormMichaelApril 16July 11July 16.July10July 14July 23
Pit BullLeslieMay 4July 18July 20July 15.July 16July 23
Spurge Moth CatMarcMay 9July 21July 27July 17July 22July 23
Hickory Horned DevilTheaMay 27July 28August 3July 23August 1Aug 12
Monarch Cat (x2)BrandonJune 7.August 4August 14August 2Aug 10Aug 12
Baby BlanketMicheleJune 10August 15August 20July 28Aug 12August 30
Baby BlanketMicheleJune 10August 21August 27Aug 14Aug 19August 30
Baby BlanketMicheleJune 10August 21August 27Aug 24Aug 28August 30
Forest TentAndreaJune 24Sept1Sept 7Sept 2.Sept 8Sept 9
SaddlebackAndreaJune 24Sept 5Sept 10Aug 20Sept 2Sept 9
Hickory Horned DevilAndreaJune 24Sept 8Sept 14Sept 9Sept 16Sept 30
Black SwallowtailAndreaJune 24Sept Sept Sept 24Sept 28Sept 30
CecropiaAndreaJune 29Sept Sept Sept 19Sept 24Sept 30
Monarch CatKristin July 1Sept 25Oct 4Sept 28Oct 5Oct 7
Monarch Cat StacyJuly 14Sept 25Oct 4Sept 28Oct 5Oct 7
Monarch CatCarolJuly 21Sept 25Oct 4Sept 28Oct 5Oct 7
CicadaCarolJuly 21Oct 5Oct 18Oct 6..
CicadaCarolJuly 21Oct 5Oct 18Oct 6..
CicadaEricaJuly 30Oct 5Oct 18Oct 6..
CKCSShionaAug 16Oct 21Oct 22...
Baby BlanketSarahAug 24Oct 23Oct 25...
SpicebushMaxxAug 25Oct 26Oct 28...
Black SwallowtailEricAug 31Oct 29 Nov 5...
CecropiaMollySept 1Nov 6Nov 12...
Spiny OakMollySept 1Nov 13Nov 19...
Monarch CatSheilyn Sept 21
Monarch CatMandy......
Monarch ChrysalisMandy......
Monarch EggsMandy......
Monarch ButterflyMandy......
Black SwallowtailFaye Sept 30.....
SpicebushFaye Sept 30.....
Tobacco HornwormAndrea......
Monarch CatLaura......

  1. Packages generally go out on Mondays and Fridays.
  2. I work on a first come first served basis. However, if I am waiting on a supply delivery, I will begin on the next item in line that I have the materials on hand for so as not to lose time.
  3.  If you need your package mailed as soon as it is completed, please let me know. 
  4. If you need your package mailed to a different address, please let me know. 
  5. If for any reason you do not want the packing slip (which includes price) sent with the item, let me know. I can email this receipt to you instead. 
  6. I am happy to include a simple gift card, but I do not offer gift wrapping. Most of these caterpillars barely fit in the box, so wrapping would just be a mess.