Here are some errors caught in patterns that were too small to warrant a new release. If you find an error that isn't listed here, please first check to see that you have the newest version. If you do, then definitely let me know what you have found! Even little things can be frustrating and mess up the flow. We do the best we can, but sometimes things are just missed! Thanks to all who have been so kind and patient in finding and alerting me of little mistakes.

In the event that I feel a pattern deserves an official update, I will also mention that here, so you will know to check Ravelry or Etsy for a new version. If you have purchased from Craftsy in the past, I no longer sell on Craftsy, so cannot update the patterns there. If you need to request a new version, just email! Same goes for any purchases on Etsy past the re-download date. I will probably ask you to verify by giving me a certain pattern line on a certain page. Thanks for understanding!

Basset Hound Blankie
Foot on page 9
4. (color D) *Working in the back loops only, slst in the next, (hdc, dc, hdc) in the next, slst in the next. Repeat from * three times. FO color D, leaving 8 remaining stitches unworked. (20)

Buck Rat Toy
Round 19 – SC in the first 9 stitches. (2SC in the next, SC in the next 3) 3 times. SC in the last 5 stitches. (29SC)

Bulldog Puppy 
17. Colors A and B are switched.
3. 'from row 2' ... bpdc around the next post stitch.
4. 'from row 3' ... fpdc around the next post stitch.

Doxie Blankie
An updated version of this pattern was added 2.15 FIND IT HERE

Papa Bulldog
An updated version of this pattern was added 10.16 FIND IT HERE

Pug Blankie
An updated version of this pattern was added 11/16 FIND IT HERE

Ranger the Raccoon -
Blanket Body, 'Right Leg', page 7
Rows 41, 43, 45, 47: 'sc in the last dc' at the ends of these rows should read 'sc in the last sc'.

(FACE) 25. (color A) Sk1, sc in the next 5.

Tiger Tiger
The Hook mm size and letter given do not match. Go by the Letter.