Hats and Bags

 When I first started crocheting, I spent about 3 years designing various things as free patterns. I was finding my footing as well as honing my skills. Some are great, some not so great. Some items which were previously retired are now available together as a bundle on Etsy. Some links will take you directly to Ravelry. 

Benjamin Bunny Hat (free)                   The Sullivan Hat (knit)

Border Collie Backpack                  Gone Fishing Hat (bundle)

Summer Mini Bag (free)              Curious George Hat

 Toddler Toy Bag (free)                     Sun Hat (bundle)
Rat Terrier Hats (bundle)                       Tiger Lily Bag (free)

Forecast Hat Collection (bundle)              Alpaca Hat (bundle) 

Scrapbusters Hat  (free)                   Oval-Bottom Shell Bag (free)

Petal Purse (free)                                   Doodles (free)