Toddler Toy Bag

I spent three weeks this month watching my granddaughter every day as her parents worked out scheduling conflicts. It was an exhausting and exhilarating 16 days with my favorite person in the world.

I am sure every grandparent says so, but this little girl is the smartest and funniest kid ever. She loves her tigers and her dinosaurs and her horses. I ended up making her a little bag to carry her things around in and she was so proud. She has a bag like Mim! Seeing her stuff her toys in and shake it closed and heave it up onto her shoulder was about the cutest thing ever- and everything she does is cute!

I've missed designing, though, and have to work hard every day on new patterns to make any money (which I depend on to help make ends meet), so today, my first day after the end of my 'job' I spent writing out and photographing Clemmie's little toy bag to share with all of you. I really hope the little ones in your life take just as much pride in them as Clemmie did.

Clementine turned 20 months old during our weeks together!
Full disclosure, I made these 2 bags this morning. The one she has is plain, as she wasn't patient for me to decorate it, but these will be added to my stash of gifts as I usually take her something I've made or a piece of fruit on our usual weekly visits. She will probably want more of them for her other little treasures and I will gladly provide them for her! Her parents complain about the piles of Ami I have given her, but really... crocheting/knitting for profit is satisfying in its own way- especially for people like me that lack any other skills or higher education- but it is nothing like being able to GIVE something to someone you love or like or appreciate or admire- or ALL of those things put together!

From the pattern: A quick and fun project to make, perfect for little hands and little toys. The chunky drawstring is easy to open with a pull and easy to close with a shake- and the contrasting colors are both fun and recognizable. Little guys will love filling these with cars, toy animals, or any random treasure. You can personalize them with a name or label them to aid with organizing and clean-up skills. Helps to familiarize toddler with letters, colors, numbers and the words of their favorite things! Makes a great quick-grab car trip or busy bag. These would make great presents for the little ones in your life as well as quick gifts for their friends! Included is letter/number chart and tips on surface stitching or embroidering. And a bonus to any easy pattern, there are very few ends to sew in!

I hope you will enjoy making one - or many- as much as I did and that some little person you know will get a lot of joy out of having their very own little bag of little plastic toys that are more valuable to them than everything we have ever owned! (Besides probably them). Happy Crocheting!


P.S. The vegetable props in the photo are from free patterns. Credit is given inside the download to those pattern creators. They belong to another project I am working on, a bigger and very exciting gift for little people that should be going into testing in the next week or so! Be sure to like our FB page for updates on any and all pattern releases as well as COUPONS!!!