Blankie Buddies

I began making Blankie Buddies in 2013 when something called Snugglies were popular. These were basically a tiny crocheted blanket with an animal head in the center. Some were very well done, but it bothered me greatly that they were just heads and not bodies. Seemed to me like this could potentially terrify or at least confuse a child. 

So I set out to make Blankies look more like animals while still being Blankies. The way they were constructed allowed you to get a lot of detail on their faces without having a ton of ends to deal with while at the same time the blanket bodies provided a chance to try some new stitches that you couldn't apply to colorwork. The dog breeds ended up being the most popular, so I really went wild with them for a while making just about every breed requested. They were fun to design and I never had trouble finding testers. We had fun making them for a while, but they are almost entirely overlooked these days so not really not worth my time to design new ones. 


Bamboo the Panda               Basset Hound

Busbee the Badger         Bulldog Puppy   

Beagle                       Boston Terrier

Bucky the Beaver            Calico and Van My Persian Kitty Mods

Cattle Dog                     Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Chihuahua              Persian and Himalayan My Persian Kitty Mods

Corgi Duo                                Dachshunds

Ellie the Elephant                      French Bulldog

Galoshes the Snow Leopard                          Golden Retriever

German Shepherd                           Husky

                   Irish Terrier                       Iron Bowl Jersey Add-ons or Bundle

Jumper the Polar Bear           Labradoodle (with Goldendoodle mods)

Leo and Lenora the Lion and Lioness      Mama 'Possum and her Littl'uns

Maximus the Tiger               My Calico Kitty 

My Kitty the Collection              My Siamese Kitty

My Tabby Kitty                  My Tuxedo Kitty

Oscar the Hare                           Papa Bulldog (UGA)

Papillon                                     Phillippe the Sheep

Pit Bull                                          Pug

Radley the Fox                    Ranger the Raccoon

Ratchet the Robot          Retriever Puppy Collection 1

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppy         Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Puppy

Labrador Retriever Puppy                   Retriever Puppies Collection 2

Curly-coated Retriever Puppy               Golden Retriever Puppy

Flat-coated Retriever Puppy                    Ringo the Red Panda

Rosie the Pig                                          Saint Bernard

Schnauzer                                  Sloth

Shar Pei                                       Shih Tzu

Toy Poodle                               Tux and Tabby Persian Mods

West Highland White Terrier                       White Persian

Willa the Bunny                  Yorkshire Terrier

Daisy the Skunk