Persian Kitties!

The first big project for 2018 is underway!

This year, to rekindle my love for Blankie Buddies, I have decided to release some new patterns in a series. There will be one basic pattern available and then a series of Mods to expand that pattern into endless possibilities. This seemed like a very fair way to make smaller investments choosing only the Mods that you want rather than me charging full price for a pattern that is only 40% different than the last one. I am a very frugal person, so I always want to be fair about the price of patterns. You get a lot of pages and a lot of pattern for your money with a Jenna Wingate Design. And this also eliminated the repetition of me telling you how to put things together when you already know after the first time.

Nearly 4 years ago I released a big pattern of cats. These were long and lanky cats - cute and comical and much like the stray cats that end up in my life. Since then I've had a few custom orders for Persian or fluffier cats, so I came up with a new body shape, head shape, fatter tail, and tapered legs. I am basing these patterns on the common markings of Persian and Himalayan kitties.
2014 Kitty vs 2018 Persian Kitty

White Persian Kitty
The first pattern to be released is the White Persian. This is a very basic kitty and an extremely detailed pattern that will walk you through the more unique aspects such as the eyes, shaping the legs, and assembly. You will need this pattern to make any of the future kitties. 

Of course not all solid Persians are white. Some are black, blonde, red, gray... many many shades of gray. I look forward to seeing all the kitties that people make! 

Release date: March 9, 2018. 

See Below for Yardage and Stitches Used

Tux and Tabby MODS
Change the White Persian Kitty to a Tuxedo or Tabby or Tabby & White Persian Kitty with these easy Mods! Instructions include a new face pattern and a lot of hints and tips on adding white markings and/or stripes.

Release date: March 23, 2018. 

See Below for Yardage and Stitches Used

Calico and Van Persians
Change the White Persian Kitty to a Calico or Van Persian Kitty with these easy Mods! Several new pattern parts plus tips to change your Calico to a dilute or Tortoiseshell.

Release Date: April 13, 2018

See Below for Yardage and Stitches Used

Colorpoint Persian and Himalayan

Change the White Persian Kitty to a Colorpoint of Himalayan with this 3rd and final set of Mods! Instructions include new face patterns, new head patterns, and new blanket pattern. Also included are tips how to make your Colorpoint a Snowshoe and an all-crochet body alternative.

Release Date: April 27, 2018

See Below for Yardage and Stitches Used

Once all of the patterns and Mods are released I will also compile them into an Ebook.

The older kitty patterns are also in the process of being updated, so later this year, as those are re-released, I will be running some sales and special bundling pricing. 

If you are a non-crocheter who happened onto this blog, then you may be interested to know that all of these kitties will be for sale in my Etsy shop once all the patterns are released and I no longer require them for photo opportunities.

Stitches Used: 
RS/WS - right/wrong side
Ch - chain
Sc - single crochet
Sk - skip
Hdc - half double crochet
Sc2tog - single crochet 2 together
BLO - back loop only
MR - Magic Ring or Circle
FO - finish off
Additional techniques may be explained within the pattern

Materials Used: 
(Used for all Persians)
#4/Medium Weight yarn in:   
-      Pink for Ear Color, Nose, and Tongue
-       Black, White, Blue, and Light Blue* for Eyes
*Or any other color in a light and medium hue

#2/Light Yarn or embroidery floss in White for whiskers

Crochet Hooks in:
-   E/5 3.50mm
-   G/6 4.00mm
-     I/9 5.50mm
Long Straight Pins
Stitch Markers
Sharp Tapestry Needle

Additional materials for...
White Persian:
#4/Medium Weight yarn in:
C1 - White - 350 yards
(optional) Felt for Belly

Tuxedo Persian:
#4/Medium Weight yarn in: 
C1 - Main Color - 300+/- yds
C2- White - 50+/-* yards
White Felt

#4/Medium Weight yarn in:
C1 - Main Color - 250+/- yds
C2- Stripes - 100+/- yds
Matching Felt** (optional)

Tabby & White:
#4/Medium Weight yarn in:
C1 - Main Color - 200+/- yds
C2- White - 50+/- yards
Stripes - 100+/- yds
White Felt

#4/Medium Weight yarn in:
C1 White - 250+/- yds
75+/-* yards each of:
C2- Black or Orange
C3- Orange or Black
White Felt

#4/Medium Weight yarn in:
C1 - White - 300+/- yds
C2- Rust - 50+/- yds

#4/Medium Weight yarn in:
C1 - Linen - 200+/- yds
C2- Pecan - 150+/- yds
Felt to match C1

Snowshoe (pictured):
White yarn in addition to C1 and C2
White felt

#4/Medium Weight yarn in:
C1 - Taupe - 50+/- yds
C2- Pecan - 150+/- yds
C3 - Slate - 150+/- yds
Felt to match C2

*+/- = Plus or minus a few yards, depending on amount of White added.
** A lighter Hue of your Main Color would make a nice chest/belly.