Friday, March 31, 2017

Leaded Lotus

Designed after a stained glass window, the Lotus Baby Blanket is an interesting play of light and shadow. The Lotus flower has been a symbol in various ancient cultures, based on color, representing birth, purity, love, fertility, or peace.  Whatever colors you choose, it is a perfect blessing for a new life. 

Difficulty Rating:

Crochet Terms: American
Language: English
Finished Size: 42-44inches,
In-line color changes: yes
Skill Level: Advanced
Shaping: blocking recommended
Sewing: average
No. of Pages: 10
No. of Images: 16
Also includes: Extensive Notes. Extensive yardage/weights to allow you to plan number of colors used. Minimal ends to sew in, depending on colors used.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Shih Tzu Blankie Buddies

With one surprisingly easy pattern, you can make Shih Tzus in a variety of coats and patterns from fun and playful pet to elegant and graceful show dog. Includes color suggestions and very detailed finishing instructions.


Difficulty Rating:

Crochet Terms: American
Language: English
Finished Size: 22 inches tall
In-line color changes: none
Skill Level: Intermediate
Shaping: minimal
Sewing: average
No. of Pages: 10
No. of Images: 31
Also includes: Color suggestions and explanations that will allow you to make a variety of dogs in either a pet cut or a show dog.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Tudor Rose Blanket

Being a bit of a History nut, I have always loved the Tudor Rose and the story behind it. It was actually a bit of early propaganda, popping up everywhere to reassure the English that the monarchy was once again settled, happy, and prosperous. It was a very welcome symbol for a people that had grown very weary of wars and the throne changing hands quite frequently. Henry VII commissioned the Tudor Rose - a marriage of the Red Rose of Lancaster and the White Rose of York - and he saw that it was set into architecture, stained glass, and more. It made its appearances throughout the Tudor Dynasty, still visible today on the chest of every Beefeater. Here it is again in crochet form!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Knitting Treasure Trove

It is always a pleasure when my neighbor, a very kind elderly lady called Lilian Ponders, knocks on my door. I have never had such good neighbors in my life- kind and friendly and helpful. Lily, as we call her, lives with her sister who is just older than her, and her daughter, Rebecca, who is my age. Rebecca has cerebral palsy. Lily has devoted her life to caring for her youngest child, so it is not really surprising that she is giving and thoughtful to everyone. Whenever she makes vegetable soup, she brings me some, as she knows how much I love my veggies. When I get in the mood to bake something, I put half of it off on her so the calories are spread around more reasonably. In the summer I cut her grass when I am cutting mine. She lets me borrow her hedge clippers. She knows where my shovel is kept and is welcome to use it anytime. We've built tomato cages together and helped each other clean up the yards after a storm. And her sister, Lena, is always full of good gossip and can always make me laugh. Just really good neighbors.

This morning she had an extra special kind of gift, and I think she didn't know just what a treasure she had found. She has picked up yarn for me at yard sales before. She tries to refuse the few dollars repayment, but we both know I will insist until she does. This morning, however, she had a box of stuff and I could see knitting needles poking out and I got really excited. Her $1 yard sale find, she claimed. I am not sure I believe her that it cost so little. I think she has outsmarted me at last.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Labradoodle Blankie Buddy

A handsome hybrid of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle, the Labradoodle is known for its intelligence and friendliness. Often used as guide dogs, the Labradoodle is also a popular choice as a family dog, often for its hypo-allergenic fur.

This pattern is a fun mix of textures and stitches, curly and wavy and shaggy in turns. Included in this pattern are bonus parts to turn your blankie into a Goldendoodle, another beloved Poodle hybrid.