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Custom Order Price/Spec/Waiting List

Hello! Custom Orders are closed for now, but I am happy to add you to the waiting list. I can then contact you when I will have spots open again. Hopefully my move will be completed and I will be free to begin working full time soon, but for now just to be safe, I am saying it may be March. LINKS Below is the current price list. These prices will only change if it becomes difficult to get the required materials at the current cost OR if shipping costs go up significantly. These prices to include shipping to the contiguous United States. I can ship outside of the US if you are willing to cover the full shipping price. Some of these caterpillars can be made in alternative colors. Just ask.  I will add full specs to this page soon. In the meantime, know that prices are relative to size and/or details. 1. Abbott's Sphinx $160  2. Beautiful Woodnymph $140  3. Bombyx mori silkworm $140  4. Cecropia $180 5. Death's Head Moth $140 6. Eastern Black Swallowtail $160  7. Eastern Tent $160

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