Monarch Caterpillar Pattern Release!

It's here! It's here! I've been trying to find the time for more than a year to get this pattern put together and into testing and finally it is done!

And this pattern is a whopper! 19 pages of all the good stuff I have learned from making so many of these in the last year or so! Number one accomplishment for me was finally landing on a jogless stripe method that was both easy to do and easy to explain. I have included that in this pattern along with many other tips on keeping your stripes super neat. This caterpillar is all about those stripes, so we want those to be as perfect as possible!

I had a bit of a mixed bag with testers this time. Luckily 5 of my testers were dedicated and scrupulous and I appreciate the heck out of them. The other testers were a no-show. It reminded me why I quit doing patterns. Not sure I will do more at this point. To be perfectly honest it is going to depend on how well this one sells. It's not worth my time or the headache if everyone asks for a pattern that they never actually buy. I could have made and sold minimum of 4 caterpillars during the time it took me to write and edit this pattern. I need to sell at least 75 copies to break even. It just doesn't work out like you hope it will.

Forgive my whining. It's like the reverse of buyer's regret. Seller's regret? Or just general rethinking things when it's too late to do anything about it.

Here's a cool video and then at the bottom is all the info you probably came here for!

Pattern Specs:
19 pages
47 pictures
Techniques to make perfect stripes
A bonus printer-friendly pattern cheat sheet!
Picture tutorial to make twisted cord filaments!
Uses ch, slst, sc, hdc, and magic ring
Permission to sell finished items
There are almost no ends to sew in!
Some shaping and sewing is required.
Some colorwork is required.

Caterpillar Specs:

36-40 inches long depending on materials
18-22 inches around depending on stuffing

1- 7oz (350ish yard) of Medium (#4) yarn in:
BL (black) - 145g/259yds
YE (yellow) - 117g/209yds
WH (white) - 63g/113yds
Crochet hook G/6 4.00mm
Several stitch markers in various colors
Tapestry needle
Clothespins or other clips
Heavy-duty notebook clip or assistant

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