Pit Bull Blankie

The 15th dog breed blankie is the fantastic American Pit Bull Terrier!!! Clever, lovable, often misunderstood, and sadly ill-used at times still, the Pittie is a symbol of triumph of good over evil. Fabulous companions and family pets, they are warm, attentive, and loyal like all terriers with the added bonus of being quite huggable!

This design puts a lot of focus on the distinct head-shape and big smoochable snout of the breed and gives you a great chance to use an ombre colorway to achieve a brindle. You can follow the pattern to make a spotted dog OR you can use the bonus tips to get a solid dog and/or add additional white markings. There is also a new paw pattern that is faster and simpler- made all in one piece!

Crochet Terms: American
Language: English
Finished Size: 24 inches tall
Skill Level: Medium
In-Line Color Changes: Yes
Shaping: Average
Sewing: Average
# of Pages: 11
# of Images: 11
Other: Tips to get a solid dog and/or add additional white markings.
Bonus: Diagram for Face Assembly

Difficulty Rating: 

#4 weight yarn: (color A) 320yds/290m, (color B) 80yds/73m, (color C/D) 2yds/2m,
(small amounts) black, white, eye color; Crochet hooks in: - E/4 3.5mm , G/6 4.0mm , I/9 5.5mm;  Polyfil, Stitch markers, Tapestry Needle, Straight Pins

Stitches Used: 
Ch, Sc, Sk, St, Slst, Hdc, Dc, MC, Sc2tog, Hdc2tog, RS/WS, BLO, FO
Additional Stitches may be explained in the pattern


  1. This is adorable! What are the approximate dimensions? You are very talented!!
    Thank You, Sue


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