Papa Bulldog Blankie

Uga is probably the most famous Bulldog out there. A well-known symbol of football and The South, he’s a great representative of the breed. Even if you aren’t a Georgia football fan, or a football fan in general, you can’t deny Bulldogs are an imposing and striking breed. You can make Papa Bulldog in white, like old Uga here, or another doggy color or even brindle by choosing an ombre in browns and grays. He features a massive head and a wrinkly face that is a lot of fun to make. Bonus patterns for the kerchief and the Georgia Bulldogs logo.

An updated version of this pattern was added 10/16. It includes:

- 29 new photos, explaining many of the steps involved
- I have replaced the older 2-piece foot pattern with the newer, easier 1-piece foot used now
- Made a simpler 'G' emblem
- Streamlined some of the pattern to require less counting.
- Divided up some of the pattern that had confused some about how many parts to make with which hook size
- Added a 2nd option for a simpler face smudge so there are not quite so many color changes
- Added in tips at the end about the changes I make when a 2-colored dog is requested
- Also added a short color-suggestion list on what colors Bulldogs come in

Difficulty Rating: 

Crochet Terms: American
Language: English
Finished Size: 26 inches tall
Skill Level: Intermediate
In-Line Color Changes: Both Simple and More Advanced options
Shaping: Involved
Sewing: Involved
# of Pages:15
# of Images: 31
Other: Included are tips to make this into a 2-colored dog.

(Disclaimer) I make no claim of association with the college or team and no infringement is intended. This design is meant as a testament to the love of all dogs and the appreciation that some of them get to be famous.

#4 weight yarn: Color A (Main color) 820yds*/750m, Color B (Face smudge) 40yds/18m, Color C (Paw Pad) 20yds/18m, Red (Kerchief) 70yds/64m, A few yds/m each of pink, black, white, and brown; Crochet hooks in: E/4 3.50mm, G/6 4.00mm, K/10.5 6.50mm, Polyfil, Stitch markers, Tapestry Needle, Straight Pins

*yardage is based on a solid-colored dog. If you wish to crochet a dog with white feet, or other mix of color, the yardage will be different.

Stitches Used: 
MR, Ch, Slst , Sc, Hdc, Dc, Sk, SC2tog, HdC2tog, DC2tog, Lsc, BpDc, Ds, RS/WS, BLO, FLO, FO
Additional Stitches may be explained in the pattern.

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