Chihuahua Blankie

Fabulous Chihuahuas in 3 color patterns and 2 coat styles! This is the 2nd in the Toy Breed series in easy-to-follow instructions arranged in easy-to read format. Includes many example pictures to show how the different parts can work together for many different looks!

Finished Size: 20 inches tall
Make a solid, spotted, or bi-color dog, any in shorthair or longhair
14-page PDF instant download
American Crochet Terms
in-line color changes required on 2 styles
simple sewing and embroidery
detailed pattern notes and blankie assembly instructions
very few ends to sew in!
all crochet parts! Safe for all ages!

Difficulty Rating: 

#4 weight yarn: (Solid Dog)Color A (main color)230yds/210m, (Spotted Dog) Color A (main color) 255yds/230m, Color B (accent/spots) 20yds/18m, (Bi-Color Dog) ,Color A (main color), Color B – (accent color/feet) 55yds/50m, (for All Dogs) Color C (inner ear) 30yds/27m, Small amounts for eye color, black and white, nose and paw pad color, Extra for spots (varies), (Longhair Dog) Additional 30-40yds/27-36m; Crochet hooks in: E/4 3.5mm, F/5 3.75mm, I/9 5.5mm, Polyfil, Stitch markers, Tapestry Needle, Straight Pins

Stitches Used: 
Ch, MC, Sc, Sk, Sc2tog, Slst, RS/WS, FO
Additional Stitches may be explained in the pattern

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