Beagle Blankie Buddy

The 32nd Dog Breed Blankie Buddy is this pint-sized tenacious hunter. They are about 13-15 inches tall and a very old breed. Beagles, in their very early form, came to England with William the Conqueror. The first mention of the Beagle by name in English literature dates from c. 1475. The name Beagle is believed to be a mix of the Gaelic word beag meaning “small,” and the French word beugler, meaning, “to bellow.” A ‘Small Bellower’ is a pretty accurate description for these cute little guys. They may be small, but they can make themselves heard like any Hound.

Difficulty Rating:

Crochet Terms: American
Language: English
Finished Size: 21 inches tall
In-line color changes: none
Skill Level: novice
Shaping: minimal
Sewing: average
No. of Pages: 11
No. of Images: 24
Also includes: - Option to make some parts crocheted or Felt. Detailed color-suggestion list that explains what colors to substitute where for 6 different marking patterns of Beagles.

Medium Weight #4 yarn in:
Color A (tan) – 240yds
Color B (black) – 140yds
Color C (white)  – 140yds
See Note on Beagle Colors
Small amounts of:
Light gray, eye color, black, inner ear color (optional)
Crochet Hooks in:
E/4 3.50mm eyes and nose
G/6 4.00mm everything else
I/9 5.50mm blanket and chest patch
1-2 spools of Sewing Thread to match Color B 
(optional - see note on Sabling and Ticking)
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle
Long straight pins
Felt for inner ears (optional)
Felt for chest patch (optional)

Stitches Used: 
American Crochet Terms
Ch chain
Sc single crochet
Sk skip
Sc2tog single crochet 2 together
MR magic ring or circle
RS/WS Right/Wrong Side
FO finish off
Hdc half double crochet
BLO back loop only
Lsc Long single crochet
Slst slip stitch

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