Doxie Blankie

Doxie Blankie in -Bi-color – Solid – Smooth – Longhair – Wirehair –

Doxie Blankie in -Bi-color – Solid – Smooth – Longhair – Wirehair –

Crochet Terms: American
Language: English
Finished Size: 20inches tall
Skill Level: Novice - Intermediate
In-Line Color Changes: for Bi-color dog
Shaping: minimal
Sewing: average
# of Pages: 9
# of Images: 10
Other: Picture tutorial for adding curls or fringe

Difficulty Rating: 

#4 weight yarn: color A250yards, color B 100yards, color C 30yards (inner ear/paw pad)Small amounts of: eye color(brown), black, and white. Crochet hooks in: E/5 3.00mm, G/6 4.0mm, I/9 5.50mm Polyfil, Stitch markers, Tapestry Needle, Straight Pins

Stitches Used: 
Ch, MC, Sc, Sk, RS/WS, Hdc, Sc2tog, Hdc, Dc, Dc2tog, Slst, BLO, FO
Additional Stitches may be explained in the pattern

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  1. Hi! I just finished this Doxie pattern and love it! I featured it on my own little blog post.

    Thank you for your awesome designs!


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