Christmas Crunchtime

Did I really start Christmas presents in August? Because I've made almost no progress. Even worse, I am only making presents for one little person this year. Maybe too much stuff? Probably. I've decided to whittle it down to 3 presents and then save/finish the rest for her birthday in January. This seems like a good compromise. Less pressure. And maybe leave me time to finish commissions and get some designing done as well. Maybe.

Present #1 - is something knitted. It is started, but not much progress made. I am debating taking it out and altering the pattern to eliminate most of the seams. I don't do well with seams! That one's a secret for now.

Present #2 - is something big. And it's more than half-finished, but I have gotten to the hardest part now and really need to be able to focus. Focus does not come on demand,

Present #3 is actually two things, but they go together, So I am counting them as one.

First I made Clemmie a horse hat. Palomino, of course, because that was the most beautiful horse to the little girl me. I used the Crochet Unicorn Hat Pattern found on Repeat Crafter Me. That Sarah Zimmerman really knows how to design wonderful things easy enough for everyone to make. I used 4 different colors for the mane, including more sparkly yarn and two shades of off-white. I added a rose from Tara Murray's Flower Shower collection of fun and easy flowers. I added a diamond 'star' to the forehead and did the ears with the pink insides- mostly so I could use my own standing ears method (found in my Rattie Beanie and Tui the Alpaca patterns). The main color of the hat is called Sungold, and, with exception of the sparkle yarn, I used all Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn. The sparkle is some vintage econo baby yarn RedHeart used to make. It's too scratchy for wearables, but handy for accents.

And then a few weeks later, Melissa's Crochet Patterns had a sale and I could not resist Riley the Rainbow Zebra. Once I had the pattern, and looking at my stash, I see more of this gorgeous gold color and decide that instead of a zebra I am making a horse to match the hat. It was a little harder, ignoring her wonderfully written color changes- and I also started out with a white snout then decided I should look at some pictures and sure enough... the snouts are more grayish. So I went with Gray Mist (more ILTY). The only other changes I made was the surface stitching horseshoes and I added plastic to the feet to reinforce the flatness of the hooves. I love Melissa's patterns. I've made at least 3 of them and will make many more when I get the time!

So... that's Christmas so far. Sorry I didn't explain the rest. Some of it should be a surprise for Clemmie's Mom and Dad and not just Clemmie.

What are YOU working on? Do you think you will finish? Good Luck!