Pilot's 11th Doctor Sweater

When I began adding extras to the Custom-fit Crochet Dog Sweater Ebook, I knew I would be adding in the bowtie. It was a collar I had designed a while back, put onto a sweater that I made for Pagan (that was very very girly and had lots of flowers and the bow collar) that I never really liked very much. I ended up donating it somewhere because it just wasn't right for my little girl that likes to dig holes, eat bees, and chase much bigger dogs. I definitely went way overboard on the flowers.

That bowtie was an actual functioning bowtie- like a real one that you have to tie just right- and as fate would have it, that pattern went missing. I ended up redesigning it to be a lot simpler to get on and off. And my sample I made Pilot's size and I was thinking I would make him a tuxedo, but the more I looked at that bowtie, the more obvious its real purpose became.

The 11th Doctor!!!

Matt Smith played the 11 Doctor Who and even though, like all new Doctors, I didn't like him at all at first, they do grow on you after a bit. If I wasn't already such a big Peter Capaldi fan, I would have been really sad to see Matt Smith go. His bowtie was too fabulous, though, and his simple tweed jacket... and the floppy hair. We can't do floppy hair, but we can do the rest.

The bowtie and coat tails are 2 of the extras included in the Ebook. The Coat Collar was not included, though it is all written down and ready to go into a future release of options. I also added 3 faux pockets- one at the breast and 2 at the hips. In the breast pocket you can just see the tip of the sonic screwdriver peeking out.

I considered going back after the coat was finished to weave in some strands to appear as plaid, but in the end I decided that the effect would not turn out as neat and obvious (or even necessary) to be worth compromising the coat fit. And besides... the plaid coat is a whole other pattern that might just make it out someday, too. I did consider for a bit making a fez, but I, like BBC, decided that was more of a joke than the actual character. Besides... we had to get the dog to wear it. Not many dogs can wear a hat and not look tortured.

Pilot is such a great dog to take pictures of. I got about 20/26 perfectly usable pictures of him in less than 5 minutes all by literally dangling a carrot. Rat Terriers are fabulous dogs that love their people to bits and Pilot is absolutely the sweetest and most obedient guy ever. Everything is fun to this him, so even though he has plenty of sweaters, I still call on him a lot to model because he actually enjoys the entire process and is always very proud of his sweaters! Probably has a lot to do with me sticking sweaters on him since the day he came home with me as an itty guy!

So, now I am off to finish projects this weekend. I have a list of 9 things that all need to be completed before Christmas. They will take anywhere from about an hour to a week to finish, so I had better get on it!! Enjoy more pictures of Pilot in his new sweater!


  1. I love the Tux!!! I bet it will look great in black! I love the Dog Sweater Ebook too! Thank you for all of your talent you give to us!


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