Monday, December 29, 2014

Hat #1

Hat #1 of 25 Hats in 2015
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Sandoval Hat
By Robin Devine

Finish Date: 2/11/15
Yarn: Sorbet Ribbon (ILTY)
I Learned: That I love this yarn.
Grade: A+

I got a jumpstart on my Hat Making after I found this yarn. I just HAD to use it RIGHT THEN. It's fabulous!

I am easily amused.

This was a simple ribbed hat with simple decreases. It was fast and easy and fun to make- if you have a self-striping yarn. I would probably run mad knitting the same thing for every single row in a solid color. Anyway, I made it a tad longer so it can be slouched or cuffed. I think it looks great either way!!

Now... on to a new pattern that I can actually learn something from!

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