Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hat #3

Hat #3 of 25 Hats in 2015
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Helping Haiti Hat
By Robin Devine

Finish Date: 2/11/15
Yarn: Keylime (ILTY) Country Blue (ILTY)
I Learned: Joggless Stripes
Grade: A

I was ready for something quick and simple by the time I finished 2 copies of the last pattern. This hat was both that- and very interesting- and I was itching for an excuse to use that Keylime yarn. Great color. Unfortunately, since the hat sizes weren't given in inches only S/L the Large was really too big. Totally my fault for not working the math before casting on. I just assumed Large would be average and Small would be like a kid. I was wrong. It really is large. I did an amazing joining in the round here- that trick about casting on an extra stitch, slipping it then K2tog at the end has been my go-to method ever since the first hat I ever knit that I didn't like how it looked. This was the first time that it actually turned out like it was supposed to (I think) and I didn't end up having to fix it with the tail anyway.

I went with this method of Jogless Stripes. It looks BETTER but not perfect. Need more practice.

The pattern didn't have crown decreases for the Large hat, so I managed to figure that out okay. Again, I didn't size down for the rib. That was a mistake. I have to learn to go with my gut on that one and stop following patterns blindly.

I have to find someone with a big head or big hair to give this one to.

More details on how I did the increases on my Rav Projects Page.

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