Hats #2 and 2 1/2

Hat #2 (and 2 1/2) of 25 Hats in 2015
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By Alexandra Virgiel on Knitty

Finish Date: 2/10/15
Yarn: Burnt Pumpkin (ILTY) Ivory (ILTY)
I Learned: Provisional Cast-On
Grade: B+

This was my first successful Provisional Cast-on. I had tried a crocheted one once that turned into a disaster. The one I used this time was the Easiest Provisional Cast-On. It casts on an even number, so I just dropped the first stitch to get the 17.

My picking up stitches is sort of a mess. Afterward I went to look at some videos to see what I was doing wrong. Nothing, it seems, though maybe Picking all Up and THEN Knitting is not right for me. I vowed to do it Picking Up and Knitting the next time.

I had that chance almost immediately as my daughter saw this one and wanted one in a lighter color. She didn't cooperate for the picture and then complained that I used this one. Hardly my fault, is it? She is lovely no matter how moody she can be sometimes. ;)

Anyway, I really like how the edge of the cable band ended up rather scalloped by NOT slipping the first stitch. It's completely accidental, I am sure.

My Kitchener Stitch on neither hat was perfect, but being my first and second time I rate it 'not that bad'. Needs more practice. As does the picking up stitches.

I really liked the simple deceases on this hat. They gave a nice rounded shape to the crown. I didn't make the hat with the turned brim as the pattern goes because that seemed entirely too thick and hot for Alabama winters.