5 Minute Fish

New Free Pattern!
New Cat Toy!
Welcome, Bunny!

This little stinker has got herself a place in our lives by being 1. really cute and 2. homeless 3. seriously funny and 4. did I mention cute?!?!?

It's really terrible that I had been thinking so much about kittens when a stray litter shows up in the neighborhood. She was such a tiny little thing when her mom dropped her at the neighbor's house. I took this one and we found the others homes. She was too small to play at first and mostly slept or wanted to be cuddled, but now she is in FULL OUT PLAY mode all the time, so she really needed some new toys!

5-Minute Fish is based on the 5-Minute Mouse pattern from c.2010? I can't remember. It was one of my first patterns. It lived on the old blog for years without anyone ever noticing it until I moved everything over here and made the pattern into a download. It sort of blew up after that. Everybody always has a comment about how long it actually took them to make it. It used to really irritate me because no matter what I put in the pattern description 'it's just a name' or 'not literally 5 minutes' or 'please stop telling me how long this takes' they still say it's not 5 minutes. It is 5 minutes if you make 5 or 6 or more in a row and don't have to keep looking at the pattern.

THIS pattern really takes more like 10 minutes. I can't wait for people to tell me how long it really takes. It's like past being irritating and just being funny now. OKAY IT'S NOT 5 MINUTES. I am sure 2-hour afghans take longer than that. I wonder how many comments THOSE designers get about it.,,

Anyway, never mind time. Look at this sweetie!!

And at this really cute toy you can make for free!



  1. oops! Looks like I might have done my previous message incorrectly!! :) I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your awesome talent!! My fur kids are going to LOVE me finding you and your awesome designs and things!! Thank you once again!!!


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