Skipped Cables Fix

 Working nonstop on the last couple of Christmas gifts.... so close to beginning the crown on this hat when I think 'hmmm... I should check the pattern to see where I stop.'

I should have checked the pattern long before because 2 rows back I failed to put in the cables. I was concentrating so hard on the more intricate cables, that simple little C6F to the side was neglected.

*Brief Panic*

Okay. I have done this before. It was a cable that I crossed the wrong way and had to go back and fix. Not like I had a great deal of experience with this, but I knew I could do it. Since I managed it successfully, I thought I'd share here. (I am sure there are other places online to show you how to do this and probably even better, but that does not allow me the opportunity to procrastinate.)

Step 1: Find your DPNs.
I happen to have these little short DPNs that are basically good for nothing unless I want to take up knitting baby booties or something. I have literally only ever used them to make I-cords. The whole set was like $8, though. I'm a sucker. I won't deny it.

Step 2: Take the stitches off the needles.
And hold your breath. Keep holding your breath until I tell you it's safe to breathe again.

Step 3: Pull out the rows in the way + the row you screwed up. 
Luckily that was just 2 for me. You do NOT want to get these mixed up!
Get your needle tip under the stitch to the side and just carefully lift until they all pop out.

Step 4: Place the live stitches onto your DPN
Carefully. So carefully. You don't want to twist or split them. Since my messed-up row is to be a cable, I went ahead and put them onto 2 needles. You can breathe now, by the way.

Step 5: Work that row with the yarn you pulled out.
Don't try to get all tight at the beginning thinking you won't have enough. If you do that, you will have a sag at the end and it's a pain to try to shift the slack over. Just knit normally. Well, as normally as you can when all that other stuff is in the way and you can't hold tension properly.

Don't forget the order and which goes in front if it's a cable!

Step 6: Wriggle it a little to loosen up and even out the stitches. 
And also, bring in a cat to judge you. He thinks he would be a better knitter than you. Don't remind him of his lack of thumbs. It's an old and much-disregarded argument to cats.

Step 7: Work any other rows to get back to the current row. 
And repeat Step 6 each time. Maybe without the cat, if you can manage.

Step 8. Work your current row as normal back onto your regular needles.

Now... Repeat this for every cable you skipped and remind yourself to check the pattern more often because your memory is not as good as you think it is. 

Back to knitting! (11 Days Till Christmas!)
P,S, I hope the person this hat is for doesn't read my blog. :P

It's finished!!! Yay!
Bring on the next pattern!

Yarn: Premier Deborah Norville Everyday Heathers Golden Heather

Special Thanks to Rooster and Bunny for being in the way.