Tudor Rose Blanket

Being a bit of a History nut, I have always loved the Tudor Rose and the story behind it. It was actually a bit of early propaganda, popping up everywhere to reassure the English that the monarchy was once again settled, happy, and prosperous. It was a very welcome symbol for a people that had grown very weary of wars and the throne changing hands quite frequently. Henry VII commissioned the Tudor Rose - a marriage of the Red Rose of Lancaster and the White Rose of York - and he saw that it was set into architecture, stained glass, and more. It made its appearances throughout the Tudor Dynasty, still visible today on the chest of every Beefeater. Here it is again in crochet form!


Difficulty Rating:

Crochet Terms: American
Language: English
Finished Size: 42-43 inches across
Skill Level: Intermediate
Shaping: requires light blocking
Sewing: none
No. of Pages: 10
No. of Images: 7
Also includes: Tons of notes to aid any crocheter. 

Note From the Designer:
If you know the basic stitches and how to work post stitches and clusters, this will be a breeze. The pattern is arranged and written so that it is easy to follow, there are tons of notes to refamiliarize yourself with crochet terms - and for the most part you are just repeated the same stitch sequence 5 times per row, so it is a lot easier than it may look. There are also very few ends to sew in as most strands can be carried. I very strongly recommend that you read the pattern notes before beginning and don’t skip over any along the way. They really will help! -Jenna

#4 Weight Yarn in:
·         Gold – 50yds
·         Black – 340yds
·         White – 200yds
·         Red – 385yds
·         Leaf Green – 25yds
·         Sky Blue – 200yds
H/8 5.00mm crochet hook
5+ stitch markers

Tapestry Needle

MR – KNOT – Sc – Slst – Sk
Ch – Sp - Hdc – Dc – Tr
Dtr – Ldc – V-st – St – YO
RS/WS – BegTr2tog – BegDc3tog
BegDc4tog - Dc4tog – Dc5tog
Dc7tog – TrCl – BegTrCl
Tr2tog – Tr4tog - Fpdc – Fptr
FpDtr – Fptr2tog – FpTr4tog – FO

Digital Downloads: