Praying Mantis

There are over thousands of varieties of Mantids found in temperate and tropical climates of the world.  Its unusual posture, stealth, and sometimes savage mating practices led some ancient cultures to believe it was a supernatural being. The earliest known mention of a mantis is in a Chinese poem from the 3rd century A.D. It has since been the subject of works of literature, film, and art, and the inspiration for Martial Arts and robotics. To top it off, the mantis is also really good at pest control.   

Difficulty Rating: 

Crochet Terms: American
Language: English
Finished Size: 29 inches long
In-line color changes: none
Skill Level: Novice Crochet, Advanced Assembly
Shaping: involved
Sewing: involved
No. of Pages: 16
No. of Images: 51

·         #4/Medium weight yarn  in:
o   Color A – Main Color – 420yards
o   Color B –  Accent 1 – 30yards
o   Color C – Accent 2 – 60yards
o   Color D – Lighter Hue of A –180yards
o   Small amount of black
·         Crochet Hook:
o   E/4 3.50mm
·         Long straight pins
·         Tapestry Needle
·         Stuffing
·         18” long dowel
·         16 gauge steel wire (12 - mm (Wok:
·         g, Advanced Assembly Skills15 feet)
·         20 gauge colored jewelry wire (3 feet)
·         Needle nose plyers
·         Measuring Tape
·         Tulle or other thin fabric for wings
·         Magic markers
·         Sewing thread and needle

·         (optional) Stretchy Tape

Stitches Used:
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Sk – skip
Slst – slip stitch
FLO/BLO – front/back loop only
RS/WS – right/wrong side

FO – finish off
Surface Slip Stitch (optional0

Non-yarny material costs:
16gauge steel wire-
-   50ft spool at Lowes $4
18gauge jewelry wire-
-   4yd package at Hobby Lobby $2.50*
Tulle -
-  1 yd for $1.12 at Hobby Lobby
(That would make wings for about 20 Mantids)
1/2inch Dowel rod
- 36 inch Hobby Lobby 58cents

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